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Safety FirstHydraulic Jacking System is the safest way to erect storage tank. The complete work is executed on ground level preventing risks of accidents. For decades, there has been not a single report which goes to prove its credibility in being the safest and most preferred method for storage tank construction. The popularity of hydraulic jack system has now discarded the need for a tall boom crane.No Scaffolding RequiredThe jacking system requires various scaffolding and attachments to provide comfortable access for welding heights, but now all weldings can be done at ground level.Easier InspectionWelding inspectors can now perform ultrasonic or other non destructive tests on welds at ground level, which facilitates ease of inspection for better quality control. No more climbing up to perilous positions for welding inspectors.Faster ErectionThe shell plates are erected at ground level instead of being installed at the height of about 30 feet or more, saving construction time required for alignment of plates. The time and manpower required for lifting the plates to the height is eliminated. Construction work remains unaffected by rain or snow, since most work is done under the protection of the tank itself.Tank Erection Top Downwards Cuts Construction Time And Cost Considerably :New shell plates are constructed at ground level instead of being hauled up to about 30 feet heights or more, saving considerable time required for alignment of plates. The cumulative time required for lifting of men and material to heights is eliminated. Tank construction work remains practically unaffected by rain or snow, since most work is performed under the protection of the tank itself.
  • Most of the fabrication work is performed at ground level allowing for faster erection and reducing the risk of possible injuries
  • Eliminates the requirement of the crane
  • Faster erection
  • Cost of jacking equipment can be easily recovered after construction of 3 to 4 storage tanks or by erecting about 1200 tons of tankage. Jacking cost is approximately USD 50 per ton for 1200 tons

Example : Tank of 30 m diameter weighing about 300 tons needs 30 jacks of 12 ton each. Full cost of jacking equipment can be recovered in 4 such tanks.

Model Description510-35D2510-50D
Working Capacity (metric tons) 12 25
Testing load (metric tons) 18 37.5
Standard arc distance between jacks (m) 1.80 to 3.0
Max plate height for which jacking equipment can be supplied (m) 2.5 or 3.0 or more
Min plate height that can be used (m) 1.40
Min safe bearing capacity below trestle base plate (N/mm2) 1.45


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